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This notice is posted by VNSTA pursuant to its statutory rights under D.C. Code sec 42-3505.06(d).

Any interference with this posting by Horning, agents of Horning, and employees and contractors of Horning is subject to the penalties set forth in D.C. Code sec 42-3505.06(e).

The Saratoga Chesapeake Tenants Association was formed in January 2022.

It began as an association to address ongoing issues in public safety and health in the building and to co-create safe, healthy, affordable housing for all tenants. 

The SC TA is a diverse organization.

It is diverse in terms of gender-identification, race, sexuality, age, and in other forms.

The SC TA values include being respectful, inclusive, and professional with all members and the communities we engage with at large, to engage in thoughtful skillful dialogue with all beings (as demonstrated in this link to the Agreements for Multicultural Interactions), and to not engage in acts of discrimination, racism, prejudice, nor verbal, emotional, or physical harm toward other beings.

(These guidelines are outlined and determined by the SC TA Executive Leadership and the SC TA Board.)

Members of the Saratoga Chesapeake Tenants Association (SC TA) cannot be agents of Horning.

Members cannot be employed by or subcontracted by Horning, Horning affiliates or agencies, nor organizations that may present a conflict of interest as determined by Executive Leadership of the SC TA and the Board Members of the SC TA. ​

Members agree to the SCTA community values and principles.

These values include being respectful to all members of the SC TA, to engage in thoughtful skillful dialogue with all beings, and to not engage in acts of discrimination, racism or prejudice.

Members and the community agree to send all requests and comments for the Saratoga Chesapeake Tenants Association to and acknowledge this is the only email address for the Saratoga Chesapeake Tenants Association.

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Creating a Safe, Healthy Community for All Beings

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Community building and providing
safe housing, safe living quarters,
quiet enjoyment,
drug-free and crime-free living for all residents to thrive.



Ensuring All Resident Voices are Heard. Working with community leaders, property management, city officials to implement positive change to help the communities at the Saratoga and Chesapeake thrive together.

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