March 2022

1. Join the forming Tenants Association by emailing us. It is free to join. There are no membership fees.

2. Volunteer 1-2 hours with the Tenants Association to help it with tasks such as distributing flyers, posting messages to the electronic bulletin board, analyzing data, compiling reports, contacting media, writing letters to the editor, publishing articles, and other areas that interest you. Share your expertise!

3. Write Emails.

Address them to Saratoga Chesapeake Property Manager LaToya Healey, Assistant Property Manager Christine Be, Front Desk reception Teresa Harris and cc the forming Tenants Association at our email so we can keep track of data in our database.

Important Note: Write from your heart, be genuine, fact-filled, and specific to the complaint outlining reasons, with evidence (for example, you witnessed the incident) of what is happening in the building. Concentrate on incidents and not on the income source of any resident. Complaints about income sources can be seen as racist, prejudical and discriminatory.

LaToya Healey and Teresa Harris have both said they need a document trail in order to fix problems in the buildings. LaToya and Teresa have requested an email be sent to LaToya and Christine Be every time residents phone to report an incident.
Christine Be

LaToya Healey

Teresa Harris

cc Saratoga Chesapeake Tenants Association

4.Write Emails to the DC Office of the Attorney General Nuisance Building Unit using the same guidance on letter writing above. Explain your experiences from the heart without being discriminatory.


The Saratoga and the Cheseapeake buildings are both being handled by the OAG Nuisance Building Unit due to a variety of complaints and the frequency of incidents including drug use in the properties, frequency of police visits, frequency of fire/EMS visits, frequency of domestic violence, etc. Importantly, city representatives including DC Metropolitan police have reached out multiple times to Horning Brothers building management with solutions and, according to city representatives, those opportunities have been ignored by management.

Resident letters to OAG help elucidate the situation. In letters, residents can request updates on the OAGs progress. The OAG is processing complaints and deciding whether to move forward with formal legal proceedings including levying fines against Horning Brothers.

5. Write Reviews online and on social media pages

6. Write to Horning Brothers Management
Address: 3333 14th Street, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20010
Phone: 202.659.0700

ATTN: Kim Brickhouse, Regional Property Manager
Joe Horning Jr, Chairman Emeritus
Joseph Horning III, Chairman
Karen Houston, Regional Property Manager
Peter Larson, Vice President Property Management
Lekeisha Vone, Senior Property Manager

7. Email Mary Cheh's Office, representative Steven Palmer
Steven Palmer is the legislative counsel handling housing-related issues in Mary Cheh's office.
Mary Cheh has been actively working with DC Council and local community members to address safe housing issues in the Van Ness Corridor including incidents happening in the Saratoga and Cheseapeake, the Brandywine, Connecticut House, and several properties next to the Van Ness metro. Mary has said in town hall meetings that she needs the backing of community members to help make changes happen. 


Steven A. Palmer | Legislative Counsel, Councilmember Mary M. Cheh, Ward 3, Council of the District of Columbia, Pronouns: he/him/him.

8. Thank Security in the building, thank the Police Officers, and thank other service professionals. They are doing an incredible job of working within the Saratoga and Chesapeake, throughout the Van Ness corridor, and throughout the city to improve the community.

9. Send positive vibes to all beings in the buildings by thinking directed, positive thoughts. You can also say a simple phrase of goodwill directed toward neighbors, all residents, all staff, the community. That phrase is: May all beings be safe, may all beings live with ease, may all beings be happy, may all beings be free from pain. You can repeat this phrase to yourself as many times as you like. Visualize sending the phrase to others like a gift wrapped in a bright, satin bow.

10. Resource yourself. This is truly important. Take care of the mind, body, spirit with healthy, empowering choices that do no harm to self or others so that there is the bandwidth, the capacity to manage difficulty, when it arises, skillfully. And, when our lives feature joy, take good care to be resourced in order to be fully present with that joy.

Thank you for your efforts, your time and participation in making changes happen in our community.
We can do this together with steadfastness.